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Theme Song of Nounen Rena’s New Movie to be SEKAI NO OWARI

SEKAI NO OWARI’s new song, “Mermaid Rhapsody”, will be theme song of Nounen Rena’s new movie.

The movie,『Kurage Hime (Jellyfish Princess)』, will be the live action version of the comic with the same name being published in 『Kiss』Magazine .SEKAI NO OWARI strongly wished to see the movie set in order to compose the theme song and have a better idea of the movie. They said they gained inspiration from visiting the workplace. Saori wrote the lyrics.

Below are the comments of SEKAI NO OWARI, Rena Nounen, and Ide Producer, who chose SEKAI NO OWARI.



Fukase:I read the comics in the bath. I saw the movie sets and was moved because even the smallest details were treated with care.

I am a hot springs otaku. It’s almost as if I’m doing a nationwide tour as part of my hot springs vacation. I just went to a host springs the other day. In these two days, I’ve gone four times.

The similarity that I have with “Doro~s” (name of the group of girls in the manga) is that I live with other people too. But for us, it’s not that nobody is allowed in, and many kinds of people come in.

Nakajin:I’m glad I was able to see the tensuikan (name of building in the manga) set and understand the feeling of the movie. It was a great atmosphere. In the set, there was the same radio cassette that I used in middle school and I was surprised.

If asked what kind of otaku I am, it would be ramen. Fukase will ask me where a good ramen place is and I’m always looking for new ones. I’m becoming a ramen concierge.

Saori:I was delighted to hear about the offer for the theme song. We always create the melody first but this time Nakajin suggested that I write the lyrics first and that was really fun. I connected with the [heroines’] feelings of being trapped but wanting to step outside, and I thought of writing that in a story about a mermaid. The inspiration was quick when I wrote the lyrics.

DJ LOVE:I don’t believe I am an otaku for manga or CDs or DVDs or figures, but I do love them to the point where people often say that I am one!

<Nounen Rena Comment>

It’s an adorable song, and the fact that it is a song about mermaids feels like there’s another story inside of it besides that of the jellyfish princess.

<Ide Producer Comment>

The fact that both the Doro~s in Kurage Hime and SEKAI NO OWARI live together overlapped.

I believe that their music, which combines pop melodies and strong messages, would give more power to “Kurage Hime” and could not think of any other artist. The theme song is precisely the worldview of the movie.

The movie was finally completed with this theme song.——————-

The release date for “Mermaid Rhapsody” is yet to be determined.

The details for the movie are as follows.

Movie『Kurage Hime』

Dec. 27 (Sat) National Road Show

Main Cast:Nounen Rena  Suda Masaki

Official Site:

Official FB:

Official twitter:

Updated Tracklist for Dragon Night


Regular Edition: 

1「Dragon Night」(produced by Nicky Romero)
3「Love the warz – rearranged -」


Limited Edition A:

1「Dragon Night」(produced by Nicky Romero)
3「Love the warz – rearranged -」

Live Bonus CD :

01.Starlight Parade
02.Love the warz
04.Snow Magic Fantasy
05.Death Disco
06.Aoi Taiyou
07.Maboroshi no Inochi
09.Honoo to Mori no Carnival


Limited Edition B:

1「Dragon Night」(produced by Nicky Romero)
3「Love the warz – rearranged -」

Live Bonus CD:

02.Niji iro no Sensou
03.Never Ending World 
04.Seibutsugakuteki gensokyoku 
06.Gingagai no Akumu
08.Fukai Mori 
09.Fight Music

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