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Kyary’s tweet at the top isn’t until a little bit later in the queue, but I wanted to post this ASAP!

If you weren’t in the know, dating rumors have been flying for the past two years about Kyary and the vocalist from the band SEKAI NO OWARI, Fukase Satoshi. I never posted about the two of them before because I don’t like posting gossip, but I guess the cat is out of the bag now!

We’ll see if he deletes these tweets or if she comments on it in the morning (it’s almost 4 AM in Japan right now).

SEKAI NO OWARI to Release First Piano Score Book


SEKAI NO OWARI to Release First Piano Score Book

SEKAI NO OWARI will be releasing their first official piano score book on the 13th of August! Titled ”SEKAI NO OWARI Selection”, the book will feature a total of 12 songs including "Starlight Parade" and their latest single, "Hono to Mori no Carnival". 
Official Piano Score

2014.08.13 RELEASE!

Song List:
Maboroshi no Inochi (幻の命)
Nijiiro no Sensou (虹色の戦争)
Tenshi to Akuma (天使と悪魔)
Fantasy (ファンタジー)
Kachou Fuugetsu (花鳥風月)
Fushichoi (不死鳥)
Never Ending World
Starlight Parade (スターライトパレード)
Nemuri Hime (眠り姫)
Snow Magic Fantasy (スノーマジックファンタジー)
Hono to Mori no Carnival (炎と森のカーニバル)

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